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    Four Things To Consider When Hiring Residential Fence Builders In Long Beach MS

    The installation of quality and durable fences on your yard, residence, or business properties remains an exciting achievement. If you have never done the installation before, it may feel quite overwhelming. The right step to take in such a case is getting in touch with a reliable fencing contractor. We leave nothing to chance at Southern Exteriors Fence Co when setting up dream fences for you. The rest of this article focuses on outlining the top aspects to reflect on when hiring Residential fence builders in Long Beach MS.


    Visiting a company that deals with a broad range of fences will give you the freedom of choice. At Southern Exteriors Fence Co, we stock various fencing solutions ranging from wooden, vinyl, aluminum, and wrought wood. When looking for fence contractors near me, visiting any of our stores will allow you to select what suits your budget and preferences. Luckily, our experienced team of experts will guide you in identifying the best options based on the areas you select for fencing. We also customize fences to suit specific models, especially for residential settings.

    Fencing Laws

    Choosing to work with us guarantees strict adherence to federal and state regulations governing fencing activities in Long Beach, MS. Our experienced surveyors will help you interpret the property lines and zoning codes in your municipality or county. We also take you through the process of obtaining the permits once you give us your building codes. This will help you in fencing the right space and avoid possible conflicts with your neighbors.

    Safety Concerns

    Quality fencing enhances the security of your properties since it acts as the first line of defense against damage or burglary. Safety remains one of the key issues you intend to address when choosing fences as a barrier for your kids and pets. We do our work right by installing the appropriate fencing structures for specific purposes. Our experts will help you get custom fence design-build and installation with the right distance between pickets to bar children and pets from escaping. We recommend the use of double picket panels when fencing cages for small pets like dogs and cats.

    Thorough Inspection We always deploy our experienced team of experts to inspect your yard before installing fences. We examine the field for rocks, septic tanks, water pipes, and drainage channels during the assessment, among other key installations. Our field team will also check for rock layers, roots, and other natural obstacles we need to take care of during the installation of fences.

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