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    Fence Installation In Long Beach MS; Rules Of Etiquette To Maintain During Your Project

    A new fence is a superb addition to your home. The structure you install will define your property lines, enhance your privacy, and even lock in your pets and kids while locking out thieves and unwanted visitors. While it is normal for property owners to be overly excited about a project, do not forget to uphold a few rules of etiquette with your immediate neighbors. We offer reliable fence installation in Long Beach MS and can use different materials including wood, vinyl, wire, and wood.

    The last thing you want is for your exciting investment to break the peace between you and your neighbors. To ensure everything runs smoothly, be sure to communicate your plans before your project begins. Let your neighbors know about the fencing materials you intend to use, the estimated length of the installation process and the level of disturbance to be expected.

    Something else that will go a long way in helping you maintain the peace is to know your property boundary lines. A perimeter rail that cuts into the backyard of your good neighbor is guaranteed to cause unwarranted squabbles. It is courteous to seek the expertise of a land surveyor and have your boundaries freshly marked before we arrive.

    Another polite thing to do is to have the barricade installed with its face forward. We recommend installing the structure with the finished side facing your neighbor’s yard. The idea of the smoother, finished side facing the neighboring yard while the rails holding the boards will face your property may not sound ideal. However, this will reduce the chances of needless opposition arising after installs.

    The final yet most important etiquette to uphold is proper maintenance routines. Our contractors will educate you about the type of upkeep required, depending on the construction materials you choose. Keeping your rail in top shape will again keep the neighbors undisturbed by your decision to invest in installs.

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